How to ‘Rank’ Videos for Long-Tail Keywords

This will be the first of what I would consider to be an advanced post on

In the most recent post previous to this one, I discussed video marketing ideas for business owners so that they can create videos to promote their products and services and get more exposure overall.

In this post, I want to talk about a way that you can get even more exposure for a business by what is called ‘optimizing’ a video so that it shows up in the search results for particular ‘keywords’ when people search for them online. Keywords are essentially words and phrases that people use when performing a search, which typically describe the search at hand. Examples could include:

  • bounce house rentals in nashville tn
  • cost of a tow truck service in the nashville area
  • the best foot doctor in franklin tn
  • how to jump off a car battery safely
  • what to feed a kitten that is 3 months old
  • etc, etc, etc

Many keywords are more competitive to ‘rank’ for than others, meaning it will be harder to show up on the first page of the search results for certain words but not others. This is influenced by the amount of  other websites that are also trying to show up for the same terms and how well a website is optimized for that search.

I hope that you’re keeping up with me so far. This stuff may seem a little overwhelming at first, but it’s fairly simple compared to some more advanced methods that I know of.

Anyway, the title of this post mentions what are called “long-tail keywords”, which are what you can almost guarantee that you will rank for. These are simply keywords that are longer phrases, such as:

  • where to rent a bounce house in nashville tn
  • ways to find a tow truck near my location
  • how do i take care of a new kitten
  • find the best foot doctor in franklin tennessee

The reason why long-tail keywords are the easiest to rank for are because they are very narrow, meaning not many people will be searching for them. That may sound bad, but it’s not because the few that are performing a search using that keyword will be more likely to access the website because it’s the most relevant.

Again, I hope this is all making sense.

We now need to get into how to optimize your videos for long-tail keyword searches.

Ranking Videos for Long-Tail Keywords = Fast and Easy Exposure

To optimize your video to show up in the search results for longer keywords, the most important things to do are:

1.) Make the keyword phrase the title of the video, although make it look as natural as possible. This means that instead of say “inflatable rentals nashville tn”, you would make it “inflatable rentals in nashville tn”. Do you see the natural distinction?

2.) You also want to weave the keyword phrase into the description. The longer and more informative you can make the description, the better. You can also use synonyms and other forms of the phrase in order to optimize your description even further. Just remember to keep things as natural looking as possible.

3.) Last but not least, you want to include a link back to your website, to your social profiles, or both in the description of the video. This is a quick and simple way to provide information about your company while gaining exposure and directing people to your offer. (product or service)

Extra Tips:

4.) Embed your video on a page on your website or other web properties like WordPress blogs and social web 2.0’s like Reddit, Tumblr and Weebly.

5.) Share the video on your social profiles and actively encourage likes, comments and shares. Videos that have a lot of interaction tend to be displayed higher in search engine results in Google and YouTube.

What’s the Point?

Using long-term keyword terminology to optimize company videos is a fast and effective way to make sure that your content is being seen and that you’re products and/or services are being promoted.

Having your videos optimized gives them a greater chance of being found by potential customers while they’re performing an online search, and gives you an automated platform to advertise on for free.

5 Sweet Video Marketing Ideas for Business Owners

As mentioned in the last post written on this site, business owners can gain brand exposure and build more trust with their customers through video.

Many business owners throughout a variety of industries are already using video marketing to gain more exposure for their brand. Many others have tried to do the same, and many have mentioned having problems coming up with ideas for consistent content.

Because of that, I thought it would be helpful to include 5 ideas that business owners can use to consistently create videos for their YouTube channel and for promotion on other websites and social media profiles.

*Before we begin, it’s important to mention that video marketing may not be effective for every industry out there. The type of business you have will be the number one deciding factor in the best ways to market to your target customers. There’s no harm in trying though. 😉

Moving back to the content…

To better illustrate these video ideas, I’m going to refer to the inflatable company from the main example in the last post.

5 Types of Videos That Make for Great Marketing Materials

1.) Slideshows 

Slideshows are easy and quick to make, and great for showing off your company’s products and how they have made a difference in other people’s lives. You can easily create a slideshow using the YouTube video editor that shows off your previous work from different perspectives.

2.) Portfolio

Portfolios are also excellent ways to build trust with customers by proving the quality of your work first hand. What’s even more effective is including pictures of work from past projects. Using the inflatable example, a company could share loads of pictures that show off their bounce houses in use by kids having fun. People love video and even more so, seeing others have fun doing the same thing they are interested in doing.

3.) Testimonials

Testimonials and reviews from prior customers are terrific for social proof. Reviews are a common factor that influence people’s buying decisions, therefore, you want to showcase any good reviews you have — especially if they are from Google.

A cool idea could be creating a video that shows off these reviews. Or you could also get a few of your customers to speak first hand – on camera – about their experience with your company.

For instance, people talking about how fun, clean and awesome inflatables are can go a long way with influencing future customer’s decision to choose that company to give their business to.

4.) Fun Videos At Work

People love genuine people, and especially when it comes to companies they may want to do business with. Creating videos that tell more about your staff, who they are, what they like about the company, etc can also be a great way to build trust with customers and win more business in the long run.

Going back to the inflatable example once again, a crew could film their setup process, and how safe and clean their inflatables are. People want their children to be as safe as possible, especially when jumping on bouncy equipment. Making videos that prove that safety measures are in place, and that everything is being done during setup to assure maximum safety, are also great for making potential customers feel more comfortable.

5.) Team Introductions

One last idea, is filming a more professional type of video that shares a little more about all the team members of a business. This lets customers in the community get to know you better, and here’s that familiar phrase again, build trust.

How to Create Videos to Promote a Local Business [Inflatable Co. Case Study]

Local business owners can benefit from many different types of online exposure that will promote their products or services, especially video.

In this day and age, many people prefer to watch a video when obtaining information over reading. This means that making attractive videos that provide entertaining, yet useful information that customers are actively searching for can mean a big increase in business.

YouTube has made it easier than ever to create slideshows and videos using free music and stock videos. This means that even the least tech savvy business owner can create decent looking videos that get the job done. Creating videos that market a company can be a cool and unique way to not only set a business apart from their competition, but to build trust and niche authority with customers.

Throughout this article, we will be using the inflatable rental niche for illustrative purposes. Other industries might be noted as well, but we really feel that using at least one niche repetitively throughout the article can help quite a bit. So without further ado, here’s how local business owners can promote their company with the aid of video.

What can you do with cool videos like these?

Of course, the industry you are in will be a determining factor in the type of videos you create. For service providers and professionals like roofers, pool installers, contractors, etc, you could create a slideshow or even a video that shows off your previous work. Think if it as an automated way to show off your portfolio, which will create even more trust with prospects.

If you run a company that offers products such as inflatable rentals, photo booth rentals, tent rentals, etc, you could also show pictures of the products you offer. To create even more trust, you could show the products in use and additionally, share testimonials and reviews of what people thought of the products personally.

How to Create YouTube Videos to Market Your Local Company With

If you are a business owner and aren’t already using the YouTube video editor to create videos for your business, all you have to do is visit the area in your dashboard – once you already have an account of course.

Once you are signed in, go to “My channel.”


Then find and click on “video manager.”

Then locate and click on the category “Create.” From there you will be able to access the video editor, and create your own slideshow and videos. If you need more help, check out the helpful tutorial below.


Bonus Tip

You want these videos you create to be found by your potential customers, correct? That means that you need to optimize these videos so that they can be found when people perform a search for your product or service. For example:

If someone is searching for a bounce house in Nashville, they will use keywords in their search whether it’s on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. These keywords might include “rent a bounce house in nashville tn,” “cost of renting a bounce house in nashville,” bounce house rentals nashville, etc. You get the picture.

Just like you would optimize a website for search, you do the same for videos. Videos are web properties just the same as websites are. So let’s continue with the bounce house example to keep things familiar.

Say the owner had a video that promoted one of their inflatable that has Dora the Explorer on it, and the video was a roundabout review. To have the video show up where customers could see it, they would need to include what they wanted to show up for in the title and description of the video. So the title of the Dora the Explorer video could be: Dora the Explorer Bounce House for Rent in Nashville, TN. Then they would need to include a variation of those words in the description. The more descriptive your description is, the better it will perform in the search results.

Benefits Of Creating Business Videos

The small amount of effort that goes into creating and uploading videos that market your business is more than worth the investment. A few of the benefits that your return on investment will bring include:

  • 24/7 automated advertising for your company
  • Automated information: customers can benefit from videos that educate them better about the products and/or services your business offers
  • Local industry authority: videos that educate and compel customers to buy from you is a great way to one-up your competitors that aren’t utilizing video
  • More exposure: people can find your company on more platforms, e.g: Google, YouTube, even social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn if you choose to share on them

Whether you choose to reap the benefits of video marketing is up to you.

It should be noted though, that videos will give a business more exposure, but won’t yield a huge amount of results. Some people will watch these videos – including competitors – but they won’t be as helpful as having a website. Still, they are worth the small amount of effort. Just look at the inflatable rental company we have used

Making Videos Using Jing

If you’re looking for a free, fast and fantastically easy way to record short videos on your computer screen, Jing may be a solution for you.

Jing is a free download that allows you to first and foremost, capture screenshots on your computer. All you have to do once you download the tool is open it and then select the portion of the screen that you want to take a photo of. From there you can edit the picture with arrows and highlights in order to point things out in the picture. If you’re wondering what the point is, it’s mostly to share something with others and having the option to highlight certain pieces of information on the page.


Pretty cool, huh? Moving on though…

You then have the video feature and the main point of this blog post.

The video feature works exactly the same way as the photo feature does, except it records a selection of your screen instead. The only thing though is that you can only record for 5 minutes. If you’re interested in recording longer videos, I would suggest trying Screencast-O-Matic instead.

Saving Photos & Videos With Jing

Once you’ve captured the photo or video of your choice, you then have the option to save them to your computer or upload them to

If you decide to save them to the provided website instead of on your computer, all you have to do is collect the link when you want to use it. Just make sure that your flash player is working and up to date. If not, it will affect your ability to view them on the website.

Overall, Jing is a great way to take simple screenshots and record quick videos. This serves as a cool and unique way to dress up your content on the web, and share interesting sites with friends.

How to Make a Video Recording of Your Computer Screen

Have you ever seen a video with a person sharing their computer screen? And that’s sharing their computer screen without recording the actual screen of the computer with another recording device. You have to admit, it’s pretty cool, isn’t it?

The best part is that the whole thing is much easier than you think, and all starts with a simple software download. There are many different screen recording softwares to choose from, some free and some paid. I’m only going to recommend the one software that I’ve used myself for my own videos though. I refuse to be the type of douche that reviews a product or service without actually using it. Ha.

That being said, I use Screencast-O-Matic, which can be downloaded for free on Mac and PC.

With the free version, there are a few limitations that you wouldn’t otherwise have with the paid version. For one thing, you can only record videos up to 15 minutes, and the ‘screencast-o-matic’ logo will show up in the bottom corner. If you want unlimited options – like with pretty much anything – you will have to get the paid version, but it’s not always necessary, so just do what you like. The good thing about the paid version of Screencast-O-Matic though, is that it’s only a yearly payment of $15, which is cheap compared to other softwares like Camtasia. If you don’t want to use any of the options that I just listed, you can always perform a quick Google search and find a similar one that is more suitable for you.

After downloading your screen recording software of choice, you can easily learn yourself or the provided instructions, how to use the software. It’s not difficult at all though, I promise. Once it’s up and running, you can go crazy making videos of your screen, yourself or even both at the same time.

This software is great for sharing information with others on the web, presentations, pretty much anything. Super cool.

Video Convo #1: An Important Tip to Remember About YouTube Videos

Ahhh, here we go. The first video conversation to take place here on the new and improved version of the site: Video Convos 2.0. Welcome.

Today’s topic is more of a quick tip that I believe is important for anyone that is using YouTube videos, especially as a means of making money. To travel straight to my main point, I just want to warn [from personal experience] that you should always save a copy of your videos somewhere other than YouTube. YouTube is a third-party website, meaning you don’t own the content on it  – it’s just displayed there. The catch is though, your content can be taken down at any time, and for any reason. Sucks, I know.

Because of this, you should always have the original copy of your video on your computer or another storage device for safe measure. It’s always better to be safe and save them than sorry, and end up losing all of the videos on your channel if YouTube for some reason decides to give you the boot.

Okay, I so I’m pretty sure that I’ve made my point.

It sucks that people can just come along and flag your video(s) enough that YouTube eventually removes them. It happens on a daily basis, and it’s possible to get them restored, but the process can be tedious and in some cases impossible. Many people have gone through this ridiculous problem, and many people always will. In most cases, it’s because it’s one of the easiest ways that people can hate. #truth


Introducing: Video Convos

This website used to be lame. Now it’s being taken in an all new direction towards greater education and amplified value for all visitors that land here. So what’s this website going to be about exactly? Well, let’s inform you, shall we?

To dive right in to the main point, here’s the information this website will strive to provide:

  • How to rank YouTube videos on the first page of Google
  • Optimizing Your Videos for More Views
  • Great Ways to Use Video Marketing to Your Advantage
  • Video Marketing Tips
  • How to Sell With Video
  • Screen Recording Tips
  • And whatever else we can think of over time

I’ve used video marketing for years with many of my online projects, including:

  • Local marketing – Local companies
  • Marketing an MLM
  • My own personal blog
  • My own SEO business

If you’ve been successful with video marketing once, you can easily rinse and repeat over and over again.

You’ll see real life examples of some of the simple videos I’ve produced for myself and my clients, and some of the results I’ve achieved in doing so. Sound cool?

If so, I invite you to come back over time as I continue to grow. I appreciate your time today and look forward to rocking your video [marketing] world.

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